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Every time I see an update I get excited. I haven’t written much for the film because I have been working on other projects. Those are thinning out now and I want to focus on the more acoustic sounding music I want to include. Most of what I have done is really electronic and beat heavy. I want to balance that with beautiful, lush, lyrical music.

new improvised character WIP
I’ve been pumping out characters, textures and rigging like crazy!  I am thinking now about how some of these things will go together.  Lots of new sketchbook work as well.  

a new eye

roosters made of many things, such as a gremlin, cigarettes and hot dogs, plus a woman in red dress
here was the sketch for the blobular character.  Improvisation is a huge part of my process, most of the drawing is done in my head while transferring it to 3D.
also, I do not sit down to draw a character, but rather decide if something is right for a character in hindsight, after many doodles are laid down 

some astral feet

I love the blobular. He is wonderful!


will rig and texture this tomorrow